Hola! A little bit about me

My name is Alberto Luis Blanco and I am a Musical Theatre perfomer based in Miami, Florida. I am a recent graduate BM Musical Theatre Major from the Florida State University located in the Paris of America, Tallahassee (that's not actually a thing, don't worry). Growing up in a Puerto Rican/Argentinian/Guatemalan/Cuban household in South Miami, I was constantly learning about different cultures as they influenced my interests. When I am not working on a Musical Theatre project you can find me in a Petco or animal shelter meeting animals I would love to take home. I would also name Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Ulta as other places I visit religiously. When I'm home I am, without a doubt, watching youtube videos or making the most of my Hulu subscription. Hobbies include video games (big nintendo fan over here), cooking (don't worry, we always snack while we wait for a dish to finish) , coloring, list making and amateur music production. 

I'm always down for laughs and lunch so lets chat soon!


Alberto Luis Blanco